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Hey friend! I'm Jaden! Wife, photographer, mom of 2, Georgia Souther Grad! Waking up every morning living my best life, working on my dream, and meeting amazing people along the way!


Savannah Family Photographer | Top 20 in 2020 | Personal Work

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My Favorite Photos from 2020 | Part One

2020 has been quite a year to say the least! It feels like it’s both flown by and slowly ticked by. For me personally, 2020 will always be the year my photography business took off and 2020 will be the year I will look back on and say “that was my turning point”. 

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this year for me both professionally and personally! I love all of the support!! 

It was REALLY difficult to narrow down a Top 20 but I’ve managed and the selections surprised me at the end of the decision making as some of these shots aren’t necessary my best work but are photos that mean something more for one reason or another. I hope you enjoy my year in review and look forward to seeing what 2021 has to offer!

Personal Collection

I’ve started with my personal Top 10 because at the core my love for taking photos started at a personal level when I had Christopher. I read a lot of bios from other photographers and so many of them talk about how they waddled around in diapers with a camera but for me where I do remember always having a camera I don’t remember absolutely loving the art of photography. I remember thinking I was the coolest person alive when I got the Sony Cybershot that you could open by sliding down the front cover, you remember the one with Aerosmith in the commercial. If you don’t remember, trust me, SO cool!! I also know I can dig up more pictures from high school and college than should probably should be allowed because I have always taken pictures so I guess I have always loved photography, it’s just taken me a long time to make it something more!

Graveyard Tree in Virginia 

boy standing on cut down oak tree

This photo was taken in January when my sister and I took my grandpa and the kids to Virginia to visit family. The graveyard is in a small town called Glen Wilton and several members of our family are buried there. Anytime we visit the area we stop in to see the graves. This tree was huge and being able to get Christopher up on it was really cool! 

Savannah Family Bikers

dad and son riding bikes

I love this picture because Christopher was just getting really good on his bike and he decided he needed to join Chris and I while I was trying to get a picture of Chris. I had to crouch in the road and hope Christopher understood that he needed to turn at the right time and not crash into me. He did a good job and we all survived without injury!

Baby Cake Smash Bye Bye

baby sliding away from cake smash

This one is a two for one since the story is in the sliding! Ada still wasn’t really hands and knees crawling when she turned one but she sure could slide around! This was the moment in her cake smash shoot that she was over it and she just slid right out of the scene!

SpaceX Launch

dad and kids watching a rocket

We drove down to Florida (twice) to see the SpaceX Launch in May. The first time we got down to where we were going to watch from with about 15 minutes to spare only to have the launch scrubbed. Christopher was being mean to Ada so we told him that’s why they didn’t do the rocket, great parenting move, we know. We decided to go back down for the second attempt and luckily for everyone involved Christopher was nice to Ada that day and the rocket launched.

Ada and the Bow

baby girl with a bow

This sweet picture is Ada at her finest! She knew ALL I wanted was a cute picture of her in that bow and she just wouldn’t keep it on. She did keep it right there “on” her head the whole time I tried taking her picture. LOL

Sunflower Field 

baby girl in a sunflower field

Checking the box on photos you just have to have in life!! Ada in a sunflower field! I lucked out with this one and have a family member who grew a sunflower field this year. I’ll love the photos from this year forever and the red rocker she’s in was my Grandmama’s from when she was a girl so it’s even more special!

Badlands National Park Explorer 

boy walking at Badlands National Park

Christopher just described this photo as “hey that’s me but I’m not cheesing because I had to look where I was going”. This picture is one of my favorite of Christopher from our Yellowstone Road Trip because he’s so invested in exploring that he didn’t notice I was taking pictures of him the whole time. He’s ready to go with his vest, canteen, and binoculars. 

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Sunset

sunset at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

I lucked out with this shot as we were driving east and needed to get down the road but I also wanted “the best” picture of the sunset. We drove past and exit and did the “we will drive for another exit or two, there’s still time” then drove another 5 miles with no hint of an exit and a quickly setting sun so we U-turned and went back to the exit we passed. Just in time for a gorgeous sunset shot! 

Brand Photography by Christopher 

little boy taking a photo

I definitely have a camera lover on my hands with Christopher. I bribe him to let me take his picture by letting him take my picture in return. He will give me the same prompts I give him, telling me where to sit and how to “smile but not crazy smile” LOL 

Tybee Island Christmas 

taking a Christmas tree to the beach

The determination in Ada’s walk here just makes me ????. She’s got that shovel (she took it off Christopher a moment earlier) and she’s ready to go! We had a great afternoon on Tybee the day I shot these and Christopher loves taking a tree to the beach! It’s probably not the tree, more that the tree makes an excuse to go to the beach. Haha!

Ready for Part Two?

If you’re ready to see my favorite client work of 2020 you can CLICK HERE and go right to the next list!

I’ve enjoyed sharing my personal favorites of 2020, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the shots and reading the bits of backstory!

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the senior cheatsheet
The only guide you need for senior pictures

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Hey friend! I'm Jaden! Wife, photographer, mom of 2, Georgia Souther Grad! Waking up every morning living my best life, working on my dream, and meeting amazing people along the way!

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