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Savannah Family Photographer | 3 Ways to Make Your Next Family Session Worth Every Penny

You’ve done it! You’ve booked a photographer, hopefully me (shameless plug LOL), and you are ready to get the perfect shot of your family. What now? Well, if this is you, you are in right place! My 3 best tips for making the most of your session are below! I can’t wait to see you at our location. 😉 

well dressed families posing for photos

Take Time to Plan Your Outfits

Casual is cool but don’t just walk out of the house wearing whatever, it might seem like a good idea at the time because it’s less stressful but you will look back and wish you’d put a little thought into the clothing. This isn’t to say you need to plan dresses and suits for everyone, if your family isn’t formal it’s fine to be casual just take a bit of time to plan something. 

I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl, if you look at my family photos I am usually wearing something fairly simple. I don’t usually wear dresses and where I’m not above getting dressed up and taking family photos, see One Green Dress, my main goal when deciding what to wear is “what am I comfortable wearing”. 

If you are tugging at your pants, constantly pulling at your shirt, hot AF in that sweater, or any other generally uncomfortable situation it’s going to show in the photos. This goes for everyone else in your family too. 

For more tips on planning outfits for your family session check out How I choose family session outfits.

two well dressed casual families posing for photos

Don’t Stress About the Perfect Posed Photo

I understand why this happens, trust me. If you could hear the behind the scenes when I pop up the tripod and take my own family photos you would know I totally get it! If you are investing time and money into a session you want that perfect, hang above the mantle, everyone looking and perfectly smiling at the camera photos but guess what, you can get that without stressing!

I’ve found that if we spend time playing around not looking for the “perfect” shot three things happen. First, everyone relaxes. The adults aren’t so stiff and the kids don’t feel like this experience is a chore. Second, those photos of the in-between moments. I personally feel like they are the best photos. Third, that posed everyone looking picture no longer feels like something everyone has to bear. It becomes part of the good time!

So RELAX!! Your photographer should be able to get that posed shot, especially if you’ve expressed interest in it, but be open to the more “real life” moments. And for heaven’s sake….no more pointing at the camera trying to get your kids to look. 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

family on beach at sunset

PRINT Your Photos

One more time for the people in the back…PRINT YOUR PHOTOS!! You’ve taken the time to hire someone, you’ve planned the perfect coordinating outfits, you relaxed during your session and got back the gallery of your dreams now you HAVE to print your photos!! Whether your photographer sells prints directly or you take them and have them printed somewhere else please please please print them. 

You don’t have to print all of them, but think about what might happen if your computer crashes, if your photographer’s computer crashes, if the gallery hosting site goes bankrupt and disappears, you need to have printed photos. My family LOVES sitting around old family albums reminiscing. Print your photos so you can provide that experience for your family!

Ready to Book Your Session?

Let’s chat about your session! Use the box below to reach out so we can start planning your family session today!

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