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Savannah Family Photographer | My Favorite Locations for Sessions in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia Family Photo Sessions

I love Savannah. The weather is great pretty much year round, the Spanish moss hanging in the trees is perfect for photos, the parks are family friendly and fantastic for everything from picnicking to photographing. I’m sure there are other cities with 1000s of great places to take photographs but I would wager Savannah can top them all!

When it comes to what I look for when scouting locations 3 things come to mind. 

First, is there shade? It’s all about the light and if shade isn’t available praying for cloudy photoshoot weather isn’t really my idea of a great plan. 

Second, how crowded is it? There are some great locations around town that have lots of good shade but editing out random folks because they keep popping into the background is hard work and can be avoided with some strategic location planning. 

Third, what is the family I’m booking looking for? If you are looking for marsh photos advising you head downtown isn’t the best suggestion and if you are looking for oaks and moss, suggesting Tybee isn’t going to cut it. 

If you’re looking for some great spots to have your family session, look no further! My favorite places are here for you to see. 

Skidaway Island

Is is any surprise that I would start with Skidaway Island? I do live on the island so not only is it beautiful with so many different options for scenery but it’s the easiest place for me to travel to! LOL I could tell you all the reasons I love to shoot on Skidaway Island, there are so many options, but I’ll just share a few of my favorite photos and you can see for yourself!

Families in Tidewater Square on Skidaway Island

collage of families on Skidaway Island

Tybee Island 

BEACH PHOTOS!!! What more can I say here? LOL. I love shooting beach sessions and honestly can’t decide if I prefer sunrise or sunset! 

There are perks for both. The sunrise is quiet and way less crowded but the sunset…ok, I just made up my mind, sunset is better! The sunset offers the opportunity to get IN the water every time, not just when it’s overcast, which is what is needed for a sunrise in the water. I like to shoot where the sun slides behind the dunes which offers 3 zones for photos. First, tucked right next to the dunes, then mid beach, and finally in the water. 

family of 7 sitting on a beach

girl in yellow dress on beach

collage of little girl and dad and little girl with mom in the water at the beach

But the sunrise is also great!! And usually I bring coffee!

mom and daughter snuggling on the beach

Jones Street

Downtown Savannah has so many great buildings and side streets that make the best photoshoot locations but Jones Street takes the cake. 

You can pick a section of Jones and shoot on each street corner having a slightly different backdrop each time you cross the street. It’s such and easy location and the whole street is beautiful. This shoot was on each corner of Jones and Habersham.

cute couple downtown savannah

cute couple downtown savannah

Forsyth Park

This is a given when discussing Savannah location for photoshoots. It’s a little cliche but how can you resist! A classic fountain, oaks draped in Spanish moss, azaleas in the spring, the grass is always so green! It’s a perfect location! 

I also like Forsyth for the historic homes and side streets which are easy to access from the park. And when your session is over, there is a playground right there to reward the kids!

Dad with kids in Forsyth Park

family at Forsyth Park in front of fountain

Book a Savannah Family Photoshoot

I would love to send you information and help you decide which location is the best for your family! I’m always finding great new places, even though these are my favorites! Hope to see you and your family soon!

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