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What a weird few weeks it’s been. As #socialdistancing #shelterinplace #stayhome all become new concepts we are all left to wonder, what is next? There are so many questions and not many answers. How long will this last? How bad will this get? Why are people buying so much toilet paper? When are kids going to go back to school? Are there helicopters spraying Lysol over the city? (Yes…that’s an actual question) One of the questions I’ve heard the most though, what can I do to help?

We have been asking ourselves this question over the last few weeks, when job security is a question, when our health and safety is a question, when so many other people have it worse than we do. What can we do to help?

I saw this video, it was shared in one of the photography groups I’m in and I knew I wanted to be a part of this. Thank you Cara Soulia for sharing this amazing idea with everyone.

It took some back and forth with myself, with my friends, with my husband before I decided to go for it and you guys, the response. Over 70 people registered. OVER 70!! I was able to schedule and shoot over 60 of these families and…

As of this post, together these families have raised a little over $3,000 for P.A.C.K. Savannah!!! That breaks down to feeding 20 children a year or 250 children a month. THIS is how something small can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

If you don’t know about P.A.C.K. Savannah, I strongly suggest taking a moment to learn more about them. The organization is a local 501c3 non-profit geared toward meeting basic needs for children in the community. They achieve their mission by packing and distributing around 10,000 bags of food each month, maintaining a foster care closet, providing toiletry bags to children, and more. Volunteering with P.A.C.K. is an easy, welcoming, family friendly experience and is worth the time every time.

Over the course of two weeks I spent time visiting (from afar) and catching a small glimpse of how families around the Savannah area are coping and managing. I met so many families who are working from home, who are still out working, who have suddenly become teachers, who are unsure about their futures. The common theme though, everyone was so positive regardless of their situation.

Thank you to everyone who took part, everyone who opened their doors and stepped out on their porches, everyone who chatted with me and told me their story. It has been an amazing two weeks. I hope I was able to bring as much happiness to your day as you were to mine when I dropped by and visited your yard!

If you are able, please consider donating to P.A.C.K. This organization is very special and does so many wonderful things in our community.

Oh…and just in case you missed it (insert the biggest happy dance here!!)



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