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Savannah Family Photographer | Savannah’s Squares | Part Two

Last month, as a marketing project for Instagram reels, I started taking Christopher around the the squares downtown for photoshoots. The premise, 22 reels showcasing how versatile and great the squares are for photoshoots. 

I have been having the best time doing this project with him and he probably wouldn’t say he’s having the best time but he sure is getting some great bribe treats and he LOVES watching himself on the videos, so all in all I’d say he’s having a good time!

I’ve wrapped up and have photographed Christopher in all 22 squares. I think everyone who lives near or has visited Savannah can appreciate the squares but I feel doing this project is really opening my eyes to all the little spots right off the squares where you can tuck in for the perfect photo, even when the squares are busy. 

So in no particular order, other than how I’ve managed to find parking here are my favorite photos from the last 11 squares on the list!

Pulaski Square

little boy in red shorts and a blue button down posing in downtown Savannah's Pulaski square

Lafayette Square

little boy posing in downtown Savannah's Lafayette Square

Oglethorpe Square

little boy posing in downtown Savannah's Oglethorpe Square

Madison Square

little boy posing for photos in downtown Savannah's Madison Square

Whitefield Square

little boy standing in Whitefield Square Downtown Savannah Georgia  posing for portraits

Reynolds Square

little boy standing in Reynolds square and next to the olde pink house in downtown savannah Georgia

Chippewa Square

little boy in Downtown Savannah Georgia Chippewa square

Wright Square

little boy leaning on light poles in savannah Georgia Chippewa square

Johnson Square

little boy leaning on fountain in Downtown Savannah Georgia Johnson square

Ellis Square

little boy in plaid shirt sitting in Downtown Savannah ellis square

Telfair Square

little boy posing with brick wall and flowers in downtown savannah Telfair square

I feel like such a proud mom with all these cute photos of Christopher and Christopher is super proud of being able to go to Target and pick out a toy! That was the bargain price for all the sweet smiles!

Want to see a few of the Instagram reels mentioned?

Crawford Square

Greene Square

Washington Square

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  • Love all the pictures of the squares! They are beautiful!! This is such a creative idea!


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