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Savannah Family Photographer | Fun Fact About Me!

Savannah family photographer Jaden Giorgianni sits on a stack of blue suitcases

I LOVE to travel

I love to travel…specifically a good road trip! I’m the crazy who has been known (more than once) to drive to Kentucky on Friday, watch a 2 minute race on Saturday, and drive back to Savannah on Sunday. In all fairness, it’s way more than a 2 minute race, it’s an all day thing but nevertheless I’ve made that trek several times.
When I was a kid my Mom and Grandma would trek us out to Las Vegas to spend time with our family. We’ve done a Great Lakes Road trip, all the lakes in one trip. My sister and I took Christopher to Maine a few years ago and we’ve put more miles on Hawaiian rental cars than should be allowed!
This summer we don’t have any long trips planned but we will be heading to the lake a few times and to the mountains.
I’m gearing up for a few weekend road trips in 2022! The details are already in the works for what’s referred to as The Triple Crown and I am hoping to hit the road to Kentucky in May for the Derby, drive to Baltimore a few weeks later for the Preakness, and then fly to New York in June for the Belmont. 
What trips are you planning or what are some of the best trips you’ve taken in the past?

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Working on my dream and meeting special families along the way, I believe everyone deserves amazing photographs which capture the moments in life that bring them joy. I photograph families, like yours, who wish they could freeze time, even for just a second, and always remember the special moments of life.

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