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Savannah Family Photographer | Checking in with The Giorgiannis | April 2021

family of four kneeling on a brick sidewalk laughing


Chris Giorgianni on his bike

Chris has had an interesting Q1. He’s completely fine but has lost 35 lbs after spending 8 days at Memorial with COVID back in January…because his first covid incident back in November wasn’t enough for him. Outside of that he’s back riding his bike and can I mention again, 35 lbs down. He spent February coughing and March regaining smell and taste. I keep telling him he needs to let me set up a blind taste testing experiment. He doesn’t like cream cheese so that will be the first thing on the tasting spoon!! 


Jaden Giorgianni sitting on beach at sunset holding camera

I have been managing all the things, the last three months have flown by. It feels like Christmas was yesterday! My business turns 2 in April, so I’m excited about that. I read somewhere most small business’ don’t last more than 5 years and I’m 2 in and growing which makes me very optimistic!! Outside of the day to day I haven’t had much excitement, outside of Chris’ excitement. We did go snow skiing in February and I’m taking a “staycation” next week! I won a raffle in September for a hotel stay downtown and I”m taking advantage with some alone time! Chris is keeping the kids straight while I take some time to pretend I’m going to sleep in! LOL


little boy holding a fish bowl

Christopher turned 5 in March and something is different with him as far as growing up. Every time I look at him he seems taller and more mature. 😭 He’s now responsible for another living thing, his fish, which he named Seatbelt (who has already been replaced once…🤦🏽‍♀️). His logic was that he likes seatbelts and they keep us safe and the fish will be the same! 😂😂 


little girl dressed up with dirty knees holding a large stick standing in the azaleas at Forsyth ParkAnd Ada 😊. Ada is such a mess LOL!! like, literally! She rarely goes more than 5 minutes without getting dirty in some way! She is the sweetest little thing when she wants to be and has recently learned a new word, funny. She uses this word by walking up to me, laughing and saying “you funny”, and walking away. She likes to wear glasses and shoes and heaven help me she LOVES Baby Shark 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 She’s also turning 2 at the end of the month!!!



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