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Hey friend! I'm Jaden! Wife, photographer, mom of 2, Georgia Souther Grad! Waking up every morning living my best life, working on my dream, and meeting amazing people along the way!


Savannah Photographer | Why “just a few” photos just doesn’t work

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“Can you come by one afternoon and just take just a few pictures? I need one for my _________.”

Let me start by saying this piece is for educational purposes and is in no way calling anyone out. Before I got into this business I would have (and probably did) ask this question so I totally understand why it’s one of the more frequently asked questions when it comes to running a photography business.

Second disclaimer…I throughly enjoy the spoils of automation and scheduling in advance, meaning this post was written months ago and scheduled. Why is this important? If you have just recently popped into my inbox asking this question, I assure you this has been a topic living in my phone notes app and blog drafts for months and is not directed at any one person.

With all the disclosures out of the way lets chat about you why “just a few” photos just doesn’t work!

It takes more than just a few camera clicks to get “just a few” photos

I’d like to think I’m that good and even on my best day with camera setting and lighting I do a pretty good job but the one photo you want for your invites/blog/headshot/family photo/etc. has a lot more behind it than just a few clicks and calling it a day.

For starters, if there is more than 1 person in the frame the odds of someone not looking at the camera or blinking are quite high. Really even with one person in the frame the blinking one – you’d be surprised how often you blink even when you are trying to keep your eyes open. Did you know there are programs out there JUST to find photos in a digital stack where someone is blinking and cull (fancy photog word for scrap) them before the photographer even has to go through and look themselves! So many blinking photos haha! It’s a real challenge, no matter what photographer you use, and having several shots increases the odds that we will be able to find one that shows everyone at their best.

Sometimes it can often take 5-10 minutes for someone in a family to warm up to the camera and “just a few” doesn’t allow the time needed for everyone’s fantastic personalities to shine.

Also listen, for real, if the professional you hired walked out and clicked the camera button 5 times then got back in their car and drove away as the emailed you the invoice  you would inevitably doubt that it was worth the money. A professional photo session isn’t just about the end result; it’s about the experience. Getting everyone ready for a 2 minute “yep, clicked “just a few” times see you later” isn’t what you really want. Make it count!


That’s cost of doing business, if you didn’t know. Fun fact…it’s the SAME every day for every client for every situation. The program to book a session, cost money monthly. The program to edit, cost money monthly. The device to answer your text or email, cost money monthly. Gallery delivery service, bet you can’t guess, cost money monthly. Oh yeah…and the camera, not cheap. (it really does take great photos 😎)

I’m not putting this here to complain about the cost of doing business. I appreciate to make money you have to spend money. I’m sharing this because I don’t think people who aren’t on the inside or running a small business don’t truly understand how many things there are to pay for, and that’s always accounted for in the pricing of a service.

Time spent is almost the same, no matter how many photos are taken

Almost – I appreciate the “just a few” will only result in a few photos so there will be less to edit and the 2 minutes the “few” clicks takes isn’t as long as a full session but let me assure you the time aspect in all the other areas is the same.

Packing up and driving to/from the session – same. Unpacking, uploading, backing files up – same. Organizing the session and emailing details – same. You get the picture.

Time is the most valuable currency we have. You can’t make more of it and the time spent on a session that’s labeled “just a few” takes me away from the things that are important to me just the same as a “full” session. You’re always going to get my best, but I encourage you to consider this concept – no matter who you work with!

high school seniors posing for senior pictures in savannah Georgia

What about mini sessions?

I know you are thinking that and I have the answer because yes, a mini session is technically “just a few” photos. The difference comes down to time.

During the same amount of time all the things that go into a full session takes I can serve 5 families.

All 5 of these families are coming to the same location within a certain window of time which means I’m only driving to/from a spot once, I’m only packing and unpacking once, and I treat all the photos taken during that time as one session, which means the uploading, editing, processing, etc is the same as 1 full family session. Also, thanks to the systems I pay for (see CODB section) all 5 of the families receive the same informational details emails and I only have to click send one time!

See the difference? It’s all about time really.

Ok…but Jaden, I really only do need “just a few” photos

I see you…and I get it. The last time I took Christopher and Ada out for photos I took 150 photos of them in different spots, together and separate and edited 3 because really what am I going to do with 50 photos of them in the outfits they were wearing. My living room mantle is only so big – I totally get it.

What to do then? There are a few options. You could book a mini session. I offer them in the spring and fall and at the bottom of this post I’ll link more info. You could also take the photo yourself, pop right outside with your iPhone and snap that one photo.

Wait…you need a full family photo you say? I do have a blog with directions, I’ll link it below too!

You could also just go for it and book a full session. You might go into the experience thinking you only need “just a few” photos but when you see your gallery you will realize that the one of you laughing with your kids probably wouldn’t have been in the “just a few” category. Or the one where everyone is laughing definitely wouldn’t have been there with “just a few”. How about the one of you and your spouse? When was the last time you two had your photo taken, just the two of you? Definitely not covered with “just a few” 😉


The Mini Experience – check out seasonal offers for mini sessions in Savannah, Georgia

How I take my own family photos – You can do it too! Just a tripod and a little patience will have you on your way.

My guide for taking better photos – this free guide can help you take photos of your little ones without always needing to call in a professional!

In closing

If DIY really isn’t your thing you can always book a full session by contacting me HERE! I would love to provide you with more than “just a few” photos of your loved ones. I can also help you decide what to do with the photos after but that’s a whole different blog for a different day – pssst…if you sign up for a session I send this information over in an email!

Contact Jaden about a photoshoot in Savannah

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the senior cheatsheet
The only guide you need for senior pictures

follow me on instagram

Hey friend! I'm Jaden! Wife, photographer, mom of 2, Georgia Souther Grad! Waking up every morning living my best life, working on my dream, and meeting amazing people along the way!

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