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Savannah Family Photographer | Family Session FAQ

Savannah Family Session FAQ

This time of year I get a lot of inquiries and questions about family sessions so today I wanted to answer a few of the frequently asked questions.

family photography session on isle of hope in savannah georgia

Where should we have our session?

Savannah is FULL of amazing places to have your session! There are a few things to consider when thinking about locations. If you have booked into a 10:00 am or 2:00 pm spot we are going to want to think about having the session somewhere with shade as the full sun associated with this time of day can be very harsh and won’t give the best results. 

Some of my favorite Savannah locations include the squares downtown, Bluff Drive in Isle of Hope, and Skidaway Island. If you would like to see examples of sessions at these locations let me know and I can send over a gallery!

What should we wear?

The most important thing I can say regarding clothing is be comfortable! If you or your family are uncomfortable it will show in the photos! Now…there’s a difference between being comfortable and being frumpy so keep that in mind when you are selecting clothing for everyone!

For more specific help on choosing outfits for family sessions check out the two posts linked below!

Tips for Choosing Family Session Outfits

How I Choose my Family Session Outfits

family of four sitting in Forsyth park for family photos

Can we change clothes during the session?

You can BUT…keep in mind The Family Experience last up to 60 minutes so you will be using camera time to change clothes. If you think you and your family can change quickly and get back to shooting then feel free to bring a change of clothes!

If you let me know you are thinking about doing a clothing change please let me know. I do have a pop up changing tent I can bring to expedite the process by eliminating the need to find somewhere to change. 

Can we bring our pets? 

You are welcome to bring your furry family members provided we are shooting in a pet friendly location and you abide by any leash laws which may apply. Please note editing leashes and collars is not part of the included basic editing. We will try to hide them as best as possible when taking photos.

family photo with cat and dog

What if my family is having a bad day?

First just know, I have two young kids so I totally get it. My little girl will hardly look at a camera, it breaks my heart 😢 

Second, I’m going to say this knowing how easy it is for me to say but how hard it is to follow through. RELAX!! and don’t stress!!

Little ones (and husbands) know when something is stressing the family out and they feed off that energy. We will spend some time getting to know each other and if we need to play and take photos while we play that’s how we will do it. That photo you may want of everyone looking at the camera might not be in the cards but I promise there will be amazing photos you will love. Plus, you can always look back and smile remembering the experience and the season of life you were in during the session.

well dressed families posing for photos

I only need a photo or two, can you do that?

For The Family Experience sessions last up to an hour and I will take 100s of photos. You will receive a full gallery that captures the time we spent together. Often the best photos are at the end of the session, everyone is more comfortable with the camera by the end and often more relaxed. 

If you are looking for a short sweet session with only a few photos you should check out The Mini Experience. It’s tailored more toward the need for a smaller package!

How many people can we bring?

You are more than welcome to bring your extended family but keep in mind the session is up to an hour so we may not be able to get all the smaller groupings you might be looking for. I would suggest no more than 10 for a session to provide the time for large groups and smaller more intimate photos.

family photos in downtown Savannah's Columbia Square

Have additional questions?

I would love to answer any additional questions you have about The Family Experience! Send me an email at jaden@giorgianniphotography.com

Hopefully I’ll see you at your family session soon!


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