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I'm Jaden

Wife, photographer, mom of 2. Waking up every morning living my best life, working on my dream, meeting amazing families along the way!

My photography journey began when I was pregnant with my son.  My mom insisted I take “real” pictures of Christopher because one of the things our family loves to do is sit around and look through old photo albums. That year for Christmas she gifted me a nice camera, digital memories weren’t going to be enough for her first grandson.  From there my passion blossomed and I spent the next few years carrying that camera everywhere, learning about the art, taking family photos for friends, and deciding while pregnant with my daughter it was time to go into business. 26 days before having Ada, Jaden Giorgianni Photography launched. When it comes to organizing the perfect photoshoot, I know the struggle and stress involved in getting everything aligned and I understand the need for an easy, effortless experience where we all leave still smiling.  It’s your adventure, let’s capture it together.

Jaden Giorgianni sitting on beach at sunset holding camera

If I had to describe this business in three words, they would be timeless, efficient, and  family-oriented


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